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Onyx Security was Incorporated in 2007 and since we have been acing at providing Top security services to our trusted clients. Our mission is to provide top-quality security services that work for your unique needs and budget. We have a significant amount of clients from Punjab, KPK, Sindh, and Balochistan which includes politicians, Business families, and celebrities. At Onyx security we believe in zero communication gap so every guard has direct contact with top-level management and even the CEO which allows us to monitor every aspect of their duties and objectives on a daily basis.

We also believe in the loyalty of our employees to us and most importantly to our clients and we leave no stone unturned in training our guards which starts with selections of individuals with a background check from every aspect then they go into 40 days of intense training from commandos and police force.

After the training period, we plant them into a pilot project which is mostly an industrial area where there are a large number of people and huge stakes. We scrutinize them in that environment and there is one supervisor on every ten guards we deploy so that their shortcomings are improved at a very early stage should there are any.

As the saying goes that you invest in your employees well and then forget about your customers because happy employees will serve your customers well. At onyx security, we strongly believe in the well-being of our employees and we manage everything like Insurance, EOBI, Social Security, and Medical expenditure

We are not that average security company that hires retired servicemen from the police or army who are nothing but retired. We hire young energetic individuals who dare to keep their clients safe and sound. We have trained our guards for any kind of security protocols from securing public places to roads and large people gatherings. Our guards will secure any place for you even if it needed a sniper at a 20 story building to keep an eye on anomalies while you travel down the road or have afternoon tea somewhere. Top-level management here at Onyx does not sleep well if they are not satisfied with their guardianship or services rendered are resulting in complaints or bad reviews.

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From our humble roots of 4 management teams to a dedicated security force of over 500 professionals across Pakistan, onyx’s growth is a testament to our leadership team’s commitment to superior customer service. 100% owned and operated by our senior leadership team, our owners all work full time in the business in senior management capacities. Having owners as senior management is a key advantage to clients Because it allows us to make decisions and respond to situations quickly and proactively.


Our promotion from within philosophy, coupled with a commitment to ongoing training and a stringent selection process to ensure our team has the right fit and skill set for their position while possessing an inning attitude for their long-term careers. This approach combined with the incorporation of proven edge technology into our service delivery model results in knowledgeable committed employees who constantly provide exceptional customer service at every level.


For over a decade, our reputation as Pakistan’s leading security company has been forged through our unwavering belief in being accountable to our clients. From our officers on the front lines, and the Professionals managing our operational centers, to support our supervisors and our engaged management team, each onyx team member is personally accountable to you.  We also believe in the loyalty of our employees to us and most importantly to our clients


Our dedicated management team is comprised of security professionals who have years of experience in the field – many of whom started right here as security officers. This front-line knowledge and insight have not only been instrumental in helping onyx. Revolutionize security practices in the industry, it has also resulted in the company being recognized as one of Pakistan,s best-managed companies for 10 years running. In addition to being the industry leader, onyx is the only security company to ever receive this prestigious honor.

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SECURE YOURSELF! You Owe it to Your Family You Owe it to Yourself, We have years of experience in comprehensive  security assessment & planning. Contact us for your personal & corporate security needs.

Pursuit Our Mission!

Our mission is to provide our clients with the finest security services and products. Available in the Marketplace. Through our extensive complement of high-quality products and services, we will enable our clients to run their operations with minimal effort and concern for their safety and security. We will provide the very best in quality which, in no uncertain terms, means investing heavily into the selection, support, Supervision, and personal development of our people. We will develop the most responsive customer service
programs in the industry by cre3ating strong lines of communication and by investing in leading-edge technology that adds value to our customers.
we will make a very strong commitment to our people, as they are ultimately responsible for our success. We seek to create and maintain an environment where every employee is rewarded according to their contribution to the success of our collective efforts. We will further reward our people with job satisfaction,
Recognition, advancement opportunities, leading-edge employee benefits, and bonus incentive prog

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