What does a security guard do? The responsibilities of a guard are the same all around the world. Their job is to protect you and your assets by monitoring threats, observing, reporting, and defending in case of breach of security.

Types of Security Guards

There are three types of security officers working for public and private entities and individuals: In the house, Government, and those working for private security firms.

Within the three types, there are even more options – Uniformed and armed, unarmed, and civil clothed and on-site or remote. And beyond that is the scenarios of situations and venues where their skills are used.

Read on to find out about the key differences in the types of security guards out there and the jobs they perform.

  1. Government Contract Security Guards

These guards are under a contract with the government and are well-armed and highly trained. Their job is to maintain order and protect, secure, and defend government employees and property. Government security job includes work in places like, Immigration and customs, Border Regulation Authority, Courthouses, in-house security for Government High ranking Employees or bureaucrats and protecting foreign delegations.

  1. In-House Security Guards

In-house security guards are also called proprietary security. These are professional security officers hired directly by organizations and businesses that need protocol and security. They are not under contract by a security provider organization. In-house guards report to the companies that hire them Just like banks and financial institutions in Pakistan and work under that company’s directions.

Proprietary security officers have a wide range of opportunities. There are several industries that require security guards on their working ground with on-going project sites or on the road to protect the company’s services or assets. Some of these include:

Armored Car Guards (Mostly for Banks)

Bank Security

Hospital and Medical Center Security

Government Projects

Residential Protection

Hotel and Resort Safety and Security

Musical event bouncers

Testing and Manufacturing Security

Warehouses of expensive goods

Museums and historical buildings

  1. Contract Security Guards

Private contract security officers are the most common type. These are contractually employed by private security providers which also provide them with arms issued on their organization’s license. Clients come to the agency, which provides security in multiple forms according to the client needs.

Some of the clients of private security provider agencies require in-house security. It has been observed that it is simpler and more effective for them to contract out the service through a local security provider than to hire on their own.

Private Security Guard Options

There are several options for businesses/individuals contracting the services of a private security agency. Most security companies will provide some or all security guard options mentioned below:

Armed Security Officers

Armed security officers carry guns. They may also carry other weapons. High threat levels, such as scenarios involving cash or valuables, usually require armed guards.

Many armed guards are ex-military or police officers. The skills they gain in weapons and violent conflict handling make those personnel excellent candidates for armed security.

The requirements for armed security guards are the strictest. These officers must have no criminal records and have completed Government-mandated firearms certification.

Armed security officers are employed across a broad spectrum of industries. Their usefulness ranges from mega construction project sites to concerts, conferences and far beyond.

Unarmed Security Officers

Unarmed security officers are the bread and butter of private security. Not bearing guns does not render them less valuable. In the totality of the bigger picture, most people need unarmed security often than armed.

Low threat level jobs are abundant, and unarmed security officers fill those requirements perfectly. Tasks for unarmed security officers include but not limited to patrolling, entry control, surveillance, policy enforcement, and general crime deterrent.

Personal Protection Officers

Personal protection officers, or bodyguards and executive protection, are security officers assigned to the protection of one person. These officers are generally well-armed and highly trained. Their job is to physically protect high-profile and prone-to-risk persons such as politicians and celebrities.

Video Surveillance Agents

Video surveillance agents have a well-trained eye that can observe in exceptional detail. Their job is remote and to know the site boundary and authorized personnel. They monitor security camera footage (CCTV) to identify and report anything other than normal. They keep an eye on malicious people and activities.

Video monitoring is a critical feature for effective and robust security systems. Surveillance system monitoring agents may work remotely and in low-threat environments, but their attention to every detail and ability to observe, communicate, and act quickly, responsibly, and appropriately must be excellent.

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