Terms & Conditions Terms Of Service !

        1. Full Payment to be made in Advance.
        2. Duty Hours will be 8 to 10 hours per day.
        3. Prices Quotes are all exclusive of Taxes W.H.T & GST.
        4. Food & Accommodation will be provided by the client.
        5. All Weapons will be .223 Bore Rifles, 9MM Pistols, 12 Bore Repeaters & 30 Bore Pistols, etc.
        6. No additional duty to the security personnel will be given except the duties for which they have been assigned.
        7. The Guard will only be used for defense against terrorism and security dacoits on specified places as mentioned by the client and not for settling personal disputes of land or properties.
        8. All Vehicles are Provided with driver and without fuel.
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